Arched J Channel
sku: hrjc (crate/shipping included)


Arched J Channel

Item # hrjc
Lead time: apx 3 to 6 weeks
Collection: Signature Series
Department: J Channel Arched Aluminum
Shape: Curved / Rounded / Half Round
Material: .019 aluminum trim coil / sheet metal
Part options: height, width, depth, color

100% customizable arched aluminum flex J channel.

This J channel is produced from aluminum pre-coated trim coil to match the construction project or to paint (primed white). The measures provided determine the size and curvature of the trim piece.

Can be applied anywhere siding needs to curve around a rounded opening such as a a window, arched entrance, doorway or half round vent. Provides a J-channel pocket to hide the rough ends of the vinyl siding and water protection to the elements below the trim piece. Faced with an inch or more of siding panel coverage and backed with 2 1/2" wall flashing. Depth is optional to match the existing J channel use or for the sdiing depth of the panels being used, even Hardie plank and concrete board.

Any customization forgotten, enter it in the comments box.

Measuring Aluminum Flex J Channel

The width is measured from the outside edge to outer edge across the base of the arched item.

The height is from the same bottom measure point to over the top of the arch.

The depth is the thickness of the siding to be inserted into the J pocket.

How to Measure

Face Profile

The trim face has choice of smooth without any striations or brick mold that is roll formed metal designed to mimic wooden brick mold for added detail.

Install Options

Use nails or screws of choice for mounting. Screws are a bit more accurate as they can be removed and replaced. For the best water prevention, only use fasteners in the nail flange towards the outer edge of the fin. Not on the nail fin inside the J pocket.

Also, apply a bread of seal around the edging of the rear flange to the wall or lap window tape over the flashing for addd protection.

Color Options

When painting an aluminum product, enter primed white into the color box.

Choosing a pre-color coated product is as simple as entering the color code of the desired trim coil. The color code will usually contain letters and numbers specifying the manufacturer, color and color finish.

Or if the color info is known, just enter the coil manufacturer (Alside, Mastic, Norandex, etc.) and the color name (sandstone, cream, musket brown, etc.) and the finish (smooth, PVC or baked on). Note: baked on finishes are only available from certain coil manufacturers.



Shipping small products will be via UPS Ground or UPS Oversize Ground in wooden crates to ensure the product safety during shipping.

Larger aluminum products ship with SAIA Freight. These too are packaged in wooden crates. Freight items require a commercial delivery address or will be delivered to the nearest freight hub for individual pick up. Residential delivery is not available to all addresses.

If any product ordered is over 48 inches, call 901.281.2887 to find out if it will ship ground or freight.

Most items ship within 3 weeks. But due to some current shipping delays, always order products a month or more in advance to ensure delivery before needed. Stocking many of the commonly ordered colors speeds up the lead time drastically, but not on all.