Egyptian Triangle Decor Vent
sku: egtr


Egyptian Triangle Decor Vent

Item # egtr
Collection: Signature Series
Department: Custom Decor Vents
Shape: Triangular or Triangle
Material: .019 aluminum trim coil / sheet metal
Depth: 1"

The Egyptian style decor vent is a metal replica of a wooden vent found on homes built before 1900 and usually on the coast. The blades radiate from the top peak and span out across the bottom to mimic the warm rays of the sun beaming down. It can be to replace a louver vent or cover over the old one.

The number of blades is figured by porportion based on the size vent chosen.

Any customization forgotten, enter it in the comments box.


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Measuring is determined by the flange style chosen for the install.

Choosing the flange can be determined by the existing wall structure to be installed in or on.

This vent has a pre set 1" depth.

Screen options of fiberglass screen is for vented, black metal back for non vented and vented with a drip pan allows the decor vent to be vented even if the overhang is not substancial for protecting the vent from excessive blowing rain.

The color option is to type in the label located on the trim coil box being used for wrapping other trim on the home.


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