Rising Sun Triangle Decor Vent
sku: rstr


Egyptian Triangle Vent

Item # sqlv
Lead time: apx 2 weeks
Collection: Signature Series
Department: Custom Louver Vents
Shape: Rectangular or Square
Material: .019 aluminum trim coil / sheet metal
Part options: height, width, depth, flange, color, vented

100% customizable louver rectangle vent.

Rectangle attic vents manufactured to specifications to match the job install. Using custom louvers gives the opportunity to style the vent for a better liking. Mix and match components to replace the old vent with a familiar look or redesign it completely. Gable vents are made to order for a better fit and easier install.

Excellent rectangular vent for inserting into a gable wall opening such as brick or siding and sealing off. Or choose a 1 inch depth and no flange for the retro fit option of exterior wall mounting.

Any customization forgotten, enter it in the comments box.

Measuring Rectangle Gable Vents

Here is the simplified version of measuring a gable vent.

If the gable wall already has a rectangular hole, measure that as the opening size. The actual rectangle vent will be reduced 1/4 inch per vent side to ensure it will slide in easily.

If there is currently no opening, tip to tip vents are meadured as is. This is tip to tip of the vent box without any flange attached. The flange is added to this, so do not include the flange in the measure. Once the vent arrives, just mark and cut the hole (if necessary) about a half inch larger than the vent box to slide the vent into.


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