Sunrise Triangle Decor Vent
sku: srtr


Sunrise Triangle Vent

Item # srtr
Lead time: apx 2 weeks
Collection: Signature Series
Department: Custom Louver Vents
Shape: Triangular
Material: .019 aluminum trim coil / sheet metal
Part options: height, width, depth, color, vented

100% customizable triangular decorative vent.

The blades on this Sunrise decor vent radiate from the center of the base of the vent as does a true sunrise. Blades are spaced 1/2" apart for minimal ventilation.

Can be used as a vented functional vent or as a decorative vent cover.

Any other customization requested, enter it in the comments box.

Quick Reference for Triangle Sunrise Decor Vents

Measuring a triangle Sunrise Decor Vent is simpler than most think.

All that is needed is the width and the height.

How to Measure

"Opening size" just means the measures were of the hole in the wall. For this, we will reduce your measures 1/4 inch dimensionally to ensure a good fit. Do not deduct measures yourself. They will not be accurate.

"Tip to tip" is if the vent size itself is to be the measures ordered with no reductions.

If applying the vent to the exterior of the wall, allow atleast 3 inches past the bottom of the opening for mounting the bottom of the vent to the wall. Or apply a brace board such as a 2x4 inside the opening.

Vent Depth

The depth of the vent is only 1 inch for most all decor vents.

Flange / Nail Fin

Offering all 4 mounting styles.


If the vent will be painted or is matching a painted home color, enter primed white into the "color" box. Otherwise, enter the trim coil manufacturer and the color name and the finish.


Vinyl screen for the back of the vent is a bug screen for crawling and flying insects.

The non vented has a solid black metal back to block all air and water so it is non functional.


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